Polymyxin B, a polymyxin antibiotic is widely used to treat a wide variety of infections of the urinary tract, blood stream, and meninges, caused by susceptible strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Side Effects 

The most commonly reported drug-related side effects are nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity, urticaria, electrolyte imbalance and pain at the injection site. If these side effects are persist or worsen over time then contact your doctor promptly.


Polymyxin B for Injection is supplied as powder for solution. It is available in single vial cartons containing polymyxin-B 50 mg/vial (500,000 units) as polymyxin-B sulphate and administered by a health specialist in a hospital or under direct supervision.


Polymyxin B can be harmful to the kidney, so your health specialist will determine whether this drug is suitable for you if you have kidney complications. Polymyxin B injection has some black box warnings: administration by the IT and IM routes should only be performed in hospitalized patients.


Avoid the use of other medicinal products that may be hazardous to kidneys such as some existing antibiotics. Avoid the use of anesthetics and muscle relaxants at the same time as polymyxin B injection as this can slow and stop breathing.


In case of drug overdose (symptoms such as nausea, stomach ache, and vomiting), contact a health care practitioner, hospital emergency department or go to the nearest hospital immediately, even if there are no symptoms.