Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate

  • Medicine Name- Polystern
  • API- Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate
  • Packaging- Powder for Oral Suspension (Sachet)
  • Strength- 15 Gram
  • Manufactured by- Steris Healthcare
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Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate is a potassium binder used for the treatment of hyperkalemia (a medical condition in which patient have high amounts of potassium in the blood) associated with kidney conditions such as anuria, severe oliguria, chronic kidney disease, etc.

Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dosage of Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate can be given by mouth or in the rectum. The amount of medicine you need to take will depend upon the amount of potassium in your blood.

  • Oral dosage for Adults: The usual dose is 15 grams given 3 or 4 times a day. The resin is given by mouth as a suspension in a small amount of water (3-4 mL/g of resin), or it may be mixed with sweetened liquid (but not fruit juices, which contain potassium).

  • Oral dosage for Children: The usual dose is 1 g/kg of body weight in split doses. Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate powder is usually given by mouth as a suspension in a small amount of water (3-4 mL/g of powder), or it may be mixed with a sweetened liquid (but not fruit juices, which contain potassium). For children, dose is preferably given through a drink (not a fruit juice due to high potassium content) or with a little jam or honey. Do not take calcium polystyrene sulphonate with fruit juices or sorbitol.

  • Rectal dosage for Adults: In cases where vomiting or upper gastrointestinal complications, including paralytic ileus, may make oral administration tough, the resin can be given rectally in a suspension of 30g resin in 150mL water or 10 percent dextrose in water, given as a daily retention enema. In the earlier stages, administration by this route as well as orally may help to achieve a more rapid lowering of the serum potassium level.

  • Rectal dosage for Infants & children: Lower dosages are usually recommended.

  • Rectal dosage for Newborn babies (Neonates): Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate should not be given by mouth. With rectal administration the minimum effective dose range 0.5-1 g/kg should be used. This enema needs to be retained for at least 9-hours. Afterwards the colon needs to be irrigated to remove the Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate. Enema is usually given by a health specialist.

The most common side effects of Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate are anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, fecal impaction, ischemic colitis, gastrointestinal concretions (bezoars), nausea, and vomiting.

Warning and Precautions

  • The administration of calcium polystyrene sulfonate powder is restricted in patients with hypersensitivity to polystyrene sulfonate resins, obstructive bowel disease, and neonates with decreased gut motility.

  • Continuous check-up of potassium, calcium and magnesium levels in the blood is required. The health specialistmay change or discontinue the dose depending on what the results of these blood tests are.

  • Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate may bind orally administered medicines, which could scale down their gastrointestinal absorption and lead to reduced efficacy. Administer other oral medicines at least 3 hours prior to or 3 hours after Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate. Patients with gastroparesis may need a 6 hour separation.

  • Do not take calcium polystyrene sulfonate 5g in case you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant, and in case you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed.

  • Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate is a powder, so be careful not to inhale it accidentally. Breathing in the powder may be responsible for causing shortness of breath and coughing.


What is Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate?

Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate is an ion exchange resin, helps prevent the body from absorbing excess potassium. It is used for the treatment of high levels of potassium in the blood (hyperkalemia).

How is Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate administered? 

The calcium polystyrene sulfonate supplied as powder for oral or rectal administration. 

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