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Clinical Trails and RnD Supplies: Clinical trial and RnD Supplies may include Investigational Medical products, Reference Listed Drugs – (RLD), Comparators, Biologics, Bio-similars, Rescue Medications, Co-medications, Analytical Samples, and Reference standards.

Sourcing Clinical Trial Supply/Comparator Drug/ Reference Listed Drug is a kind of complex task. That is why it is absolutely inevitable to have a trusted source who understands your requirements as well as the market. Having umpteen certified and authentic companies as our partners, IKRIS Pharma can be your completely reliable platform when it comes to Clinical Trial Supply Sourcing/Comparator Drug or Reference Listed Drug Sourcing solutions.

With full access to the best quality commercial medicines, you can carry out your clinical trials effectively without any annoyances or obstacles. With several years of sourcing innovative drugs in pharmaceutical market, IKRIS Pharma has mastered the art of offering its clients exactly what they are required for.

As an experienced team, we are also successful when it comes to understanding the field and the client’s requirements properly. Depending on this, you shall find us offering quick and analytical assistance. We actively monitored your clinical trial project and keep you updated on any recent reports regarding the medicine you are looking to source. IKRIS Pharma Network (IPN) also ensures that your R&D team works precisely.

Having already established a mark as a clinical trial supplier at the global level, we typically incorporate a wide variety of robust strategies in order to bring you the innovator medicines so that you can smoothly carry out your clinical trials in an undisturbed and continuous manner.

Be it limited or unlimited batches of innovator/branded and generic equivalents, we authentically fulfill your requirements satisfactorily with the medicinal products having the longest expiry dates.

From sourcing to shipping, we always take care of the delivery of trustworthy medicinal products from our partners. No matter what corner of the globe you may reside in and which Comparator or Reference Listed Drug (RLD) you might be looking for, our all services are delivered on time and in a systematized manner.

Contact IKRIS Pharma Network today for Clinical Trial Supply Sourcing, Reference Listed Drug Sourcing, and Comparator Drug Sourcing.

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