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Essential medicines can save lives, reduce suffering and ameliorate health. But to do so, these life-saving medicines must be exist and affordable, of high caliber and properly used. Access to essential medicines of assured quality still poses challenges for zillions of people. This is due to increasing prices of new drugs, persisting shortages and stock-outs; and spreading numbers of substandard and falsified medicinal products.

If you’re searching for a most reliable wholesale medicine exporter/supplier from India, then IKRIS Pharma Network (IPN) can be your one-stop destination. The company is persistently working in order to improve the access of essential medicines which are not available or registered in patients’ own country. 

Noida based IKRIS Pharma Network is an International Pharmaceutical wholesale medicine exporter or supplier from India. As the legitimate medicine supplier in India and pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, we are fully committed to reducing mankind’s suffering and making hard-to-access medicines accessible to all at affordable prices.

IKRIS Pharma is an international wholesaler and exporter of US/EMEA/ other pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals approved by the FDA. With more than thousands of product lines, including brand name, generic and OTC (over-the-counter) US/EMEA/ other FDA products, we supply medicine to domestic and international health care organizations, CRO, Hospitals, Government, Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other licensed wholesalers.

IKRIS is a privately held, professionally managed company with nearly a decade of experience and skill in the global pharmaceutical trade. We are WHO GDP and ISO 9001 2015 certified Organization, making the company a global leader in the pharmaceutical market. 

Top Wholesale Medicine Supplier in India: IKRIS is a most trusted online medicine wholesale supplier or exporter in India with thousands of medicines to choose from. We are among the leading generic medicine suppliers from India. Medicines are extremely vital in perspective of the ever-increasing need. Traditionally, One had to head to a certain market to buy medicines, but now one can easily order them online.

IKRIS Pharma has gradually but significantly enhanced its reach both domestically and internationally as a prolific pharmaceutical wholesaler. 

Backed with many years of experience as an international pharmaceutical wholesaler/supplier, we have entrenched a reputation for quality and efficacy, and we work with clients from all over the globe. We’re India’s best pharma wholesaler, with a vast range of medicines, and are one of the top-notch medicine suppliers worldwide.

Global Presence of IKRIS Pharma: We have assisted over 2500+ patients under the Named Patient Program (NPP). We offer Validated and best Customized solutions for cold chain medicinal products including vaccines. We have Exported Indian Generic medicine to over 100+ countries including UK, Brazil, Romania, China, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Latvia, Poland, Mexico, etc.

Partners of IKRIS Pharma: IKRIS authentically work with world-renowned pharmaceutical organizations such as Biomarin, Sarepta, Recordati Rare diseases, and PTC Therapeutics, etc. These organizations help us to deliver hard-to-access medicines to needy patients to improve their quality of life (QoL). 

Goal of IKRIS Pharma: We strive to offer excellent packaging services, so you can be best assured that when products arrive at your doorstep, they will be absolutely safe. Our goal is to offer you with the quality medicinal products that are completely safe.

IKRIS Pharma is a significant International pharmaceutical wholesaler, supplier, and exporter. We are a well-known name in terms of providing subjective therapeutic products to customers across the world. 

We are a worldwide acclaimed pharmaceutical supplier of life-saving pharmaceutical products. Even if a product is not accessible or available in India, we can help you find a way to get it.

Services of IKRIS Pharma: We are your trusted partner in delivering hard-to-access or life-changing medicines to patients in need.

  • Global Sourcing: Medicines that aren’t listed can be sourced by us. We sourced hard-to-access medicines from our Trusted Partners and directly from Manufacturers across the world. We work specifically with suppliers/ manufacturers who respect GMP and apply GDP in their business model. We established a network with several local partners for such supplies in targeted areas. This enables us to comply with local regulations and respond to shortages promptly.
  • Access To Medicines: Our experience and quality service sets us apart from our competitors. We have access to world-class treatment and every latest medicine (Branded or its generic alternatives) for our customers/Patients. Therefore, in case of shortage, we can obtain and secure a stock directly from our trusted partners in a least time-span, competitive rates and high inventory access.
  • Distribution & Logistic: Patient safety is priority so we ensure our Suppliers operate to very high standards. At IKRIS, all activities and operations related to procurement, storage and distribution of medical products are conducted as per the national guidelines. 

Get in Touch With Us: If you have any query, or want to know more about Wholesale Medicine Supplies, kindly get in touch with us today. We can be contacted through different modes of communication. Our E-mail and Phone are:

Landline Number: (+91) 120 – 2400370

Mobile Number: (+91) 8130-290-915

Toll-Free Number: 18008891064

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